Gender Dentistry International: Invitation for nominations for the science awards 2018

For the second time, Gender Dentistry International (GDI), the scientific society for sex and gender issues in dentistry, calls for entries and nominations for their scientific prizes which are awarded every two years. They aim at young authors of scientific publications and university professors and teachers. With these prizes, GDI aims to promote and demand more knowledge of sex and gender specific aspects in oral medicine. „Although we see an increasing number of studies collecting data about men and women which is a good beginning, they fail to report their results stratified by sex and gender“, says GDI president PD Dr. Dr. Christiane Gleissner. „However, only if we know whether there are differences, and if so, where and why, we are able to react in an appropriate way. It is generally accepted that the age of our patients determines our treatment concepts - but also their sex should be looked at as an important modifier of oral health and disease.“ Gleissner considers it an important task of GDI e.V. to promote the further development of sex and gender specific knowledge in this field: „We support studies on this issue, but we also demand them! We’d like to honor and thank all those who are working in this field of research. Raising attention to the impact of sex and gender on oral diseases is what the awards represent.“

In 2016, the awards were given to Dr. Theresia Janke and Prof. Dr. Michael Hülsmann/Göttingen. The winners received different awards corresponding to the thoughts behind the motto „promote and demand“: The „Nolting Award for Studies in Gender Dentistry“, endowed with 2000,- Euro, is aimed at young dentists and and honors an outstanding scientific paper, a doctoral thesis, or a master thesis.Dr. Janke had submitted a doctoral thesis „Endodontics and gender - special issues of the endodontic treatment of women“. She was promoted by her doctoral supervisor Prof. Hülsmann who was also honored by GDI. He received the „GDI Award for Excellence in Gender Dentistry“ for his courage to pursue this special approach, thus increasing the knowledge base of endodontics by sex and gender specific data.

Information about the modalities for applicants and proposals: Publications covering sex and gender specific aspects in dentistry („Nolting Award for Studies in Gender Dentistry“) should not be older than two years at the time of submission (publication date) and have the form of a journal article conform to the usual structure of scientific publications. Further information is provided HERE. Applications and proposals for the „GDI Award for Excellence in Gender Dentistry“ may be submitted from now onwards to The award ceremony takes place during the German Dentists’ Conference in Frankfurt, Nov. 9th 2018.